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Friday, May 22, 2009

My Farm

We live on a 200+ acre farm. It is only part of the Linkinoggor family farm. Soon my father hopes to buy the other 400+ acres of the original farm. As far back as I can remember, I have always had my jobs on the farm. When your little, your job is to collect the eggs. I thought I was a real farmer, lol, I would sing for all I was worth while I gathered the eggs into my little bucket. I would take them home to my mother and help her put them into cartons. Fresh farm eggs just make a good country breakfast.

As you can see we have cattle on our farm. About 100 head or so. One of my favorite memories of living and working on a farm is tha sound of my father calling cattle. I can't explain it, you just have to hear it yourself. He'd call and call and then you would hear the bull start bawling, then with in minutes, you could see the herd slowly making their way off the ridge. Cows slowly chuggin' along while their babies ran and jumped and played. They would gather round the feeders and feed troughs. I can remember my father showing me how you could rub their back just above their tails. They would stand there for as long as you would scratch and rub. I took this for granted when I was younger. I looked at it as a chore but now I see that it was a priviledge. I wouldn't trade one day of hard work on that farm for any man's money. The things I learned and experienced on our farm are things that you can't learn any where else.

Here are a couple of our babies. These belong to the "Danny Cow" and to the "Harry Cow". Yea we name our cows after who we buy them from. These little guys and gals are way too much fun. They either run and play and jump and kick, OR, they just lay in the sun and bask all day long. They are fun to be around. I love when we walk on the hill and see new babies that have just been born and cleaned up. You can't help but laugh to yourself while you watch them try and take those first wobbly steps. PRICELESS...

I thank God for my being raised on a farm. Through this I have learned the value of a hard day of chores, the value of a dollar, and the importance of each job finished and done well. I am truly blessed to have watched the different miracles of life and growth that are everso on going.

On our farm is where I have had some of the best talks with my Jesus. I walk to the highest ridge on our farm and just sit and talk to Him for hours about everything. I feel Him kiss my cheek with a gentle breeze. I listen to Him sing a love song to me through the birds in the trees. I tell Him all my cares and He covers me with sunshine to let me know He's there and that He will keep me. This is my favorite place to be on a starry night. It seems that you can reach right up and touch the stars. I lay there and watch Him wink at me over and over in that dark sky. Thank you God for all these blessings,... my farm, and my life, and my journey...